You may think your car’s exhaust system is designed only to reduce noise, but it is also responsible for reducing harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. Properly functioning mufflers and exhaust systems not only sound better, they are better – for you, your car, and the environment.

Your exhaust system really starts at the front of your car, right behind your engine. Exhaust manifolds connect to the cylinder heads, where they collect exhaust gases. As the gases move through the exhaust system, they're first analyzed by oxygen sensors, then refined by the catalytic converter and, finally, muffled by the muffler.



Mufflers, Exhaust and Header Installation


We offer a full range of exhaust service options, from diagnostic and emissions testing to catalytic converter and muffler replacements. We'll also help install your high performance muffler, exhaust and header system as well as value-oriented replacement parts. Stop by Tire 4 Less today for an exhaust inspection and experience the satisfaction our expertise provides.

  • *Note: Servicing of a hybrid vehicle usually requires removal of trunk access panel for power supply access, shut off and reconnection. Additional service fees may apply.




Exhaust Pipe Maintenance

The exhaust pipe plays a central role in diverting fumes out of your engine to keep it running smoothly. Have it inspected regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Vehicle Vibration

If you feel strong vibrations when your car is running or if you are experiencing a loss of acceleration, bring it in for an exhaust inspection and let the expert technicians at Tire 4 Less help.

Noisy Muffler

Your muffler should be quiet. If you hear a deep rumbling noise coming out of your exhaust, stop by and see us, we’ll figure it out in no time.


Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

If you notice that fill-ups aren’t getting you as far as they used to, bring your car in for an inspection! We’ll check your exhaust system for leaks and fix the issue.

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